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Making Your Media Kit

What To Include and How To Format Your Media Kit


Having a media kit is incredibly important. It not only shows a brand samples of your content, but also gives them a concise way to price campaigns with you.

When pitching brands + sponsors, here are a few key things to include in your media kit:

1. Welcome Letter / Mission Statement
2. Social Media Platform Pricing and What Is Included In That Pricing
3. Your Social Media + Site Analytics (avg monthly views, # of followers, post reach, etc.)
4. Content Samples – Images, Videos, etc.
5. Past Partners You’ve Worked With
6. How To Contact You

I’ve included our SSF Media Kit below so you can see how we formatted our media kit for years. I’ve also included images below of a sample proposal sent specifically to one brand, based on their campaign goals.


You can easily make your media kits in and download them as a PDF file.

I’ve also used Envato to download keynote presentation templates so I can avoid the “heavy lifting” of having to design the layout myself. After you purchase a license, you can download a presentation template and customize it to match your branding.

When it comes to design, invest in making your content look and feel very professional. Doing so will allow you to charge more for your services.

However, I don’t recommend charging for your services until you have at least 5-10k highly targeted and engaged followers on at least one platform.


Download the full SSF Media Kit:

Download Now