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Want To Grow & Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

Get a Step-By-Step System to Maximize Your Reach, Grow Your Channel Faster, & Convert More Viewers Into Buyers

Ready To Rock YouTube?

Discover how to get more views and subscribers, generate new organic leads and sales, and grow your business and brand with YouTube.

YouTube Growth Course

A Step-By-Step YouTube System to Help You

Grow With Video

Build a profitable YouTube channel at your own pace inside this YouTube Growth Course. Discover how to film engaging videos, optimize them for higher visibility with YouTube SEO, get more views and subscribers, and monetize your channel in multiple ways.

More Views

Generate organic views using YouTube SEO, high-traffic keywords, and our ninja strategy for ranking your videos to the first page of Google & YouTube.

More Leads

Turn your YouTube channel into an evergreen lead generation platform. We’ll show you the video marketing automation elements you need.

More Sales

Imagine adding another 6-figure revenue stream to your business, just by setting these systems up! This is what’s possible with YouTube SEO.

Now I know how to research what people are searching for, and how to get them to find my content! I’m also ranking for several searches and it’s growing my tribe & business fast.

Jessica J — Health & Fitness Influencer

“The YouTube Growth Course does a great job explaining how to apply SEO principles to video marketing. The video I created in this course already gets a ton of views from YouTube searches which generates leads for my business.
Matt W — Owner, Beyond Macros

YouTube is a Search Engine

It’s NOT a social media platform.

In fact, it’s the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

Why YouTube?

Every day on YouTube, over 1.9 billion users are searching for answers to their most pressing questions.

It’s almost NOTHING like Facebook or Instagram (or what I like to call “slot machine” apps)…


Think about it. People come to YouTube for answers.

They’re not mindlessly scrolling a phone app browsing funny memes because they’re bored.

They’re looking for solutions, tutorials, “how to” videos. Specialized help for things they can’t figure out on their own…

That’s where you come in.

When you know how to create high quality videos that help your ideal client solve their problems, you can bring in a slew of new customers, completely organically, with YouTube SEO.

Did you know? The average YouTube user spends over 40 minutes on the platform per session, consuming educational content like yours.

Plus, effective video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

However, only 9% of small businesses are actually using YouTube in their marketing strategy… because most are scared to start.

Or maybe they tried to start, couldn’t figure it out, and decided to put it on the backburner.

But YouTube is a nearly untapped market, and its reach is MASSIVE.

Knowing this…

In a time where capturing people’s attention is more important (and more difficult) than it’s ever been before…

Imagine what it would be like to tap into this huge pool of potential customers.

What would it feel like to show up over and over again at the top of YouTube search results, attract more qualified leads into your business around the clock, and around the world, even while you sleep?

That’s what YouTube makes available to you.

YouTube allows you to build a credible brand that people can easily find and want to work with!

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

I found this out by accident when I did a company audit in my first business a few years ago. After 5 years of running paid advertising, creating hundreds of Instagram posts on an account with 75k+ followers, and managing a Facebook group with over 4,000 members…

I discovered that YouTube was by far our highest converting lead source.

We were making sales daily, without me touching it.

The people who found us through YouTube were ready to buy, and because they’d already consumed a ton of our video content prior to landing on our sales pages, they felt like they knew us.

What blew my mind was that YouTube didn’t just have the highest ROI for that first year I had spent working on YouTube… It had the highest ROI for the entire 5 years of that online business.

YouTube changed my life, and I want to show you how to do it for yourself too.

If you’re ready to learn how to use YouTube as an organic, evergreen lead source…

How to produce videos that build trust and sell without “selling”…

And how to turn YouTube into a profitable platform for you and your business…

It’s time to master video marketing & YouTube SEO so you can show up in your customer’s search results, build your brand authority, and convert more viewers into buyers.

This Video Growth Course Will Teach You How To:

  • Help your prospects find you with YouTube SEO
  • Provide video solutions for your ideal customer’s problems so they are compelled to purchase your programs & services
  • Grow your influence, income and brand faster with video, and
  • Stand out as a leading authority in any industry

What You Get

This course is digitally delivered in 4 distinct modules:

Module 1: Planning

14 lessons

Before you hit “record,” learn to research YouTube SEO and various keywords to help rank your videos to the first page of Google & YouTube search results.

YouTube is a search engine, so we teach you how to maximize the algorithm, master video keywords and get more impressions, click-throughs and overall video engagement using YouTube SEO.

Module 2: Production

13 lessons

Once you have your plan laid out, we help you take your channel branding, video production, and content planning to the next level. Learn to batch film up to 3 months worth of high quality videos in a single session!

Maximize conversions with our accelerated video production trainings. It’s like getting an entire film school education in one week (for a fraction of the cost).

Module 3: Post-Production

16 lessons

Learn how to edit your videos professionally inside of Adobe Premiere, then how to hire someone overseas to do it for you (affordably, reliably and consistently).

Add cool graphics, text overlays, transitions, title & end screens and more inside this module so you can keep your viewers engaged and compete with the top YouTubers.

Module 4: Profit & Promotion

12 lessons

Attract and convert more viewers into buyers and learn the fundamentals of video marketing automation so you can use YouTube for long term, organic profit growth.

Paid ads NOT required! Add new streams of revenue to your business, including brand deals, sponsorships, affiliate marketing and AdSense revenue as you grow your authority in your niche.

You’ll learn to communicate with your prospects and make sales 24/7, even while you sleep!


You’ll Also Get These Bonuses

Limited Time Offer, These Bonuses Won’t Be Available Forever


Have questions? Need to talk with a YouTube expert? Getting stuck? Get support and answers to your YouTube questions inside our private student Facebook Group.

You can post your questions 24/7 and someone from the Vidfluence team will get back to you within 72 hours or less.

YouTube Ads Training

Easy YouTube Ads Training for Beginners

Though not required for channel growth, if you have an extra $10/day to spare, you can “skip the line” of ranking on YouTube using Discovery Ads. Get more impressions and views faster, plus set up retargeting ads for future launches.

YouTube Video Scripts

YouTube Video Scripts

Not sure what to say in your videos? Get our proven conversion scripts for YouTube, including our 5-minute Channel Trailer script.

It’s not enough just to get more views, you also need to know how to get people to take action! Avoid freezing up because you don’t know what to say on camera with these simple scripts.

YouTube Channel Branding

Channel Branding Cheat Sheets

Put your best foot forward with these YouTube Branding Cheat Sheets, specifically designed to help you convert more viewers into lifelong subscribers.

Get the simplified “must haves” of YouTube channel branding, including instant access to our best plug-n-play templates.

Lifetime Access to New YouTube Trainings

Every time we release new lessons and modules, you’ll get access to them without any additional investment.

YouTube occasionally changes its algorithm rules, so you’ll make sure you stay up-to-date on all the latest optimization rules.

Smartphone Filming Guide

The Simple SmartPhone Filming Guide

Don’t have a fancy camera yet? That’s fine, you don’t need one! Get started anyway using this film equipment checklist.

Turn your smartphone into a full-scale film studio so you can start growing your channel now, not “someday” when you have a camera budget.

Who Is This For?

This course is for coaches, consultants, course creators, entrepreneurs, or any online business owner who is looking to use YouTube to grow their business online, and who desire to do it on their own time.

You will learn:

  • How to generate organic leads from YouTube
  • How to create high quality videos that sell your programs
  • How to rank your videos to Page 1 so you can get more views and subscribers
  • 4 ways to monetize your channel (even with a small audience)
  • How to use education-based video marketing to attract ideal clients
  • How to maximize the YouTube algorithm for faster growth
  • Our secret “$1M in 1 Year” launch formulas
  • A simple keyword plan to help you create compelling content that people actually want to watch

You’ll also learn the fundamentals of video production, script writing, video editing in Adobe Premiere, hiring editors and how to upload and optimize your YouTube videos for search.

This course is NOT for:

  • People trying to be internet famous
  • People who don’t have a business concept behind their channel
  • People who want to become an overnight success
  • People who want to aimlessly vlog without any direction or strategy

Your Instructor

Liz Germain is a YouTube and video marketing expert. As a YouTube Partner, she specializes in YouTube marketing, SEO, advertising and video marketing automation for online businesses.

I’ve generated over 50+ Million organic views on YouTube, built multiple YouTube channels to over 100k subscribers, and attracted tens of thousands of organic leads from those channels that produced millions in sales in very competitive industries.

And you’re next! See you inside.  😉

First, Grow Your Channel with High Quality Videos & YouTube Keywords

Then Turn Your Viewers Into Buyers With The Right Promotion Strategy

What Students Are Saying

“Liz made it so easy to understand very technical concepts.” – David C

Cam got 50k video views and booked an interview with CBS

Kyle made $28k in affiliate sales from one single YouTube video

Jesse added 10k subscribers, and increased views by 114%

Kyle had his first $30k launch with just 1k subscribers

Jen got 10k subscribers in her first 30 days, and added a new revenue stream to her biz

Olivia doubled her subscribers, and 9x monthly revenue

Hanna landed her first $5k client ever with simple video scripts

“Liz is there to help you every step of the way.” – Beverley S

Sara & Alex got 150k subscribers and made over $500k from their channel

Angela learned how to get more clients from YouTube

Dylan learned everything he needed to know about YouTube strategy

Emily started ranking her videos and grew her channel faster

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YouTube Growth Course Results
Bob McIntosh - Doubled subscribers in first month
YouTube Growth Course Results
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Matt Walrath YouTube Growth
Video Growth Course Review
Kyle FL - Now ranking page #1 on Google!
Andrew Utley - Liz knows her stuff (techie and non-techie)
Video Growth Course Review

Start Growing YouTube Today

Unlock all 55+ video lessons inside this course for a one-time payment below…


Money-Back Guarantee

Take a look inside, and if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase within the first 7 days, just email and we’ll grant a full refund, no questions asked.

Common Questions

Have a question? We have answers. If you don’t see your question here, reach out to us at to get more details and make sure this course is right for you.

Does this really work?

Yes! But you must stay consistent. This is not an “overnight success” course. YouTube takes a significant amount of hard work and patience upfront, but will pay off tremendously and exponentially over time.

Is it too late to start a channel?

No, it is not too late to start. In fact, it’s never been a better time to start a YouTube channel.

YouTube is a safe investment in your business because it’s owned by Google. Google isn’t going anywhere, which means neither is YouTube. Start taking advantage of this incredible growth platform today to get a competitive advantage for your business.

What if I'm brand new to video?

Awesome! This is the best place to start. One of the biggest mistakes new video influencers make is hitting the “Record” button before they have a strategy in place that will help them get eyes on their content.

Inside the course, you’ll learn all about what it takes to succeed and excel in video marketing. As a new video marketer, you’ll be learning the essential skills that will help make sure your effort and time actually pays off.

How long do I have access to the course?

You can keep your login access for as long as the course exists online! This means you don’t need to worry about rushing through the content, and you can always revisit any lessons you need to touch up on later.

Also, once you have access, you’ll also keep your access… even if we add in new and additional resources along the way. These program updates will be included in your course materials at no extra charge.

What format is this course in?

Most course content is in video form, broken down into easy-to-consume segments that are specific to relevant video, SEO, production and post-production topics. We have also included written transcriptions, images, and plenty of course worksheets for you to complete as well.

Videos are unlocked weekly as you go, and once unlocked, remain unlocked.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Yes! You have 7 days to explore the course content at zero-risk to you. If you decide this course isn’t the right fit for you, you have 7 days from your time of purchase to request a refund.

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