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Grow Faster with YouTube Marketing

This video course will show you how to get started on YouTube, increase views and subscribers, generate leads and sell your programs with video automation so you can grow faster in any industry.

Liz Germain, Course Instructor

Video Marketing Ninja
YouTube Partner

Hi, I’m Liz!

I help people attract qualified leads and grow faster online using automated video marketing systems and YouTube SEO.

Back in 2012, I built my first digital product business using YouTube.

That business still generates leads & sales on autopilot, even today…

Since then, my team and I have developed a specific organic video marketing system that has helped us generate:

  • Over 50+ Million organic views across channels,
  • Hundreds of thousands of evergreen leads from YouTube, and
  • Over $1.2M in annual revenue in various industries online

Inside the full Video Growth Course, I teach you exactly how to build and leverage your own video sales funnels so you can grow your YouTube channel, expand your online revenue streams, and become a leading authority in any industry.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is not a social media platform… it’s a search engine.

In fact, it’s the 2nd largest search engine in the world!

Every day on YouTube, over 1.9 billion users are searching YouTube to find answers to their most pressing questions.

The average YouTube user spends over 40 minutes on the platform per session, consuming educational content like yours. 

Knowing this…

In a time where capturing people’s attention is more important (and more difficult) than it’s ever been before…

Imagine what it would be like to tap into this huge pool of potential customers!

If you’re ready to start attracting more people to your business (even while you sleep)…

It’s time to master video marketing & YouTube SEO so you can show up in your customer’s search results, build your brand authority, and convert more viewers into buyers…

This Specific System Allows You To:

  • Help your prospects find solutions to their pressing problems (i.e. your products & services)
  • Grow your influence and business faster online, and
  • Stand out as a leading authority, in any industry

Inside the full Video Growth Course, you’ll unlock all the secrets it took me 7 years to master when it comes to YouTube marketing!

Ready to Harness the Power of Video Marketing?

Put YouTube to work! The Video Growth Course will help you produce and rank high-quality videos so you can:

Become A Top Expert In Any Field

Attract More Qualified Leads

Dominate Relevant Keyword Searches

Convert More Sales With Video

Create New Revenue Streams Online

YouTube enables you to communicate intimately with your prospects 24/7, even while you sleep.

With the right YouTube SEO & video marketing strategy, you’ll gain more traction with your prospects so you can grow your income, impact and influence faster online.

YouTube is an incredibly safe investment in your business…

It’s owned by Google and is the 2nd largest search engine in the world!

YouTube also happens to be the 2nd most visited site in the world with over 30+ Million users daily, actively looking for content like yours.


  • 300 hours of video are uploaded (per minute)
  • 5 billion videos are watched in all different industries

Because of this crazy competition, you need to learn to set yourself apart from the millions of other people out there posting content daily.

Knowing how to rank your videos and build new revenue streams with YouTube will help you grow your influence and scale your business rapidly.

The proven SEO & video marketing strategies you’ll learn inside are a total game changer.

Start Making Videos on YouTube That…

Your Ideal Customers Can Actually Find

Provide Value & Build Trust with New Prospects

Convert Those Viewers Into Buyers

Unlock the Video Growth Course Now to Learn:

  1. How to identify what your ideal customers are actually searching for, then
  2. How to create high quality videos that convert more viewers into buyers!

Who Is This For?

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Influencers, Network Marketers, Business Owners

This Course Is for Anyone Who Wants to Get Started Successfully on YouTube!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, coach or influencer looking to scale your business and audience online, this course will help. This course is for:

  • Anyone who just started a YouTube channel (or started a while ago but feels stuck) and wants to grow faster without wasting time or burning out
  • Business owners running 6- or 7-figure businesses who are looking to attract more organic, evergreen leads online with video
  • Existing coaches, influencers and bloggers looking to take YouTube to the next level & grow their channel and brand authority
  • Anyone who wants to build their credibility online with video marketing
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to make great income and/or add new revenue streams (including passive income) online business using YouTube

What You Get

The Course Includes 55+ Video Lessons, Channel Growth Worksheets & More…

Get the best techniques for attracting & converting viewers into buyers using search engine optimization & video automation.


This course teaches you how to work smarter, not harder, by producing content that will stand out on the YouTube platform, maximize the algorithm and withstand the test of time. If you’re ready to start creating new income streams, mastering video influence and are committed to growing your business and brand online, this course is the catalyst to achieve those goals in record time.

    You Will Get:

      55+ Video Lessons & Guides

      Channel Growth Worksheets

      Bonus Optimization Guides

      You Will Also Learn:

      • How to generate leads using YouTube,
      • How to create high quality videos that sell your programs on autopilot,
      • How to rank your videos to Page 1 so you can get more views + subscribers,
      • 4 ways to monetize your channel quickly,
      • How to Grow Your Impact, Income + Influence online using education-based video marketing,
      • Simple Organic Evergreen Lead Generation Strategies,
      • How To Boost YouTube SEO,
      • How To Rank on Page #1 of SERPs,
      • How To Maximize the YouTube Algorithm, and our secret
      • “$1M in 1 Year” Launch Formulas
      • A simple keyword plan to help you get views & subscribers on autopilot


      … Plus Extra Ninja Video Hacks for:

      • Video Production,
      • Audio Production,
      • Lighting Techniques,
      • Script Writing,
      • Filmset Branding & Setup,
      • Video Editing in Adobe Premiere,
      • How To Hire An Affordable Video Editor,
      • Uploading & Optimizing Videos for YouTube

      The Detailed 4-Week Course Outline:

      Week 1 is all about planning a smart strategy.

      From content calendar planning to SEO & keyword research, this section teaches everything you need to know about how the YouTube algorithm and search features work.

      Learn YouTube algorithm hacks, how to set up your channel foundation, and how to narrow down your content ideas to reach more targeted viewers.

      We teach you how to use simple SEO softwares that help you find keywords with low competition and high search volume so you can outrank your competition.

      You’ll also learn how to set up your content calendars, how to brand your channel, and how to boost your channel’s SEO over time.

      Week 2 is all about taking the guesswork out of filming & production.

      This week you’ll learn about the cameras, audio, and lighting needed to produce high quality content – even on a tight budget.

      In this section, we teach you how to “batch film” up to 3 months of content in a single day.

      Think of this section as “Accelerated Film School” – this week is especially helpful for people who are producing their own content without a team.

      You’ll learn production skills for staging your set, setting your camera settings, recording audio on an external mic, and lots more.

      Week 3 is all about post-production (i.e. editing and uploading).

      You’ll learn to edit content like a pro, with or without a team.

      Post-production, or simply editing, is everything that happens after you’re done recording footage.

      Whether you hire an editor for this part or will be doing this on your own, we’ll teach you what you need to know to make the post-production process as efficient and affordable as possible.

      If you’re going to be editing on your own – You’ll learn how to keep your digital files organized, how to use the basic features of Adobe Premiere, how to add cool features to your videos and more.

      If you prefer to hire an editor – We’ll teach you how to find affordable, high quality editors for 1/4 the cost of most.

      This section also includes information on writing optimal Titles, Tags & Descriptions for your YouTube videos – this is the cornerstone of any good YouTube SEO strategy. 

      We’ll also teach you how to set up your default upload settings, and more.

      Week 4 is all about how to implement a full-scale video marketing strategy that helps you amplify your reach, grow faster online and increase your income quickly.

      This section teaches you how to incorporate an automated growth strategy into your back-end business plan.

      We’ll cover how 6- and 7-figure businesses are built online, and how to use other social media platforms and automated email campaigns to amplify your reach and convert more sales.

      You’ll also learn new ways to monetize your content through brand deals & sponsorships, ad revenue and/or selling your own programs and services.

      Lastly, we teach you how to grow your channel faster by collaborating with other creators!

      Our Student Results

      Hear What Others Are Saying…

       Some of Our Featured Student Results Include:

        • Gained over 100k list subscribers, 7+ Million views, Featured in Women’s Health magazine
        • Went from 0 to 50k Subscribers and 3+ Million views in 6 months on YouTube
        • Vegan Mom Gets 12+ Million Views & Gets Featured on Global News
        • Health Coach Adds Hundreds of Free Leads to Her Email List
        • Coaching Channel Doubles Views, Generates $7500 From One Video In 30 Days

      Got Questions?

      We’ve got answers…

      Does this really work?

      Yes! But you must stay consistent. This is not an “overnight success” course. YouTube takes a significant amount of hard work and patience upfront, but will pay off tremendously and exponentially over time.

      Is it too late to start a channel?

      No, it is not too late to start. In fact, it’s never been a better time to start a YouTube channel.

      YouTube is a safe investment in your business because it’s owned by Google. Google isn’t going anywhere, which means neither is YouTube. Start taking advantage of this incredible growth platform today to get a competitive advantage for your business.

      What if I'm brand new to video?

      Awesome! This is the best place to start. One of the biggest mistakes new video influencers make is hitting the “Record” button before they have a strategy in place that will help them get eyes on their content.

      Inside the course, you’ll learn all about what it takes to succeed and excel in video marketing. As a new video marketer, you’ll be learning the essential skills that will help make sure your effort and time actually pays off.

      How long do I have access to the course?

      You can keep your login access for as long as the course exists online! This means you don’t need to worry about rushing through the content, and you can always revisit any lessons you need to touch up on later.

      Also, once you have access, you’ll also keep your access… even if we add in new and additional resources along the way. These program updates will be included in your course materials at no extra charge.

      What format is this course in?

      Most course content is in video form, broken down into easy-to-consume segments that are specific to relevant video, SEO, production and post-production topics. We have also included written transcriptions, images, and plenty of course worksheets for you to complete as well.

      Videos are unlocked weekly as you go, and once unlocked, remain unlocked.

      Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

      Yes! You have 7 days to explore the course content at zero-risk to you. If you decide this course isn’t the right fit for you, you have 7 days from your time of purchase to request a refund.