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Batch Filming Mastery

How To Film 3 Months of Content in Just 48 Hours

You can film up to 3 months of content in just 24-48 hours.

That might sound like a lot, but it’s easy once you master your craft, learn a few time-saving shortcuts and practice your skills in content production and batch filming.

Remember, you’re only posting 1 video per week.

Therefore, 3 months of content on YouTube is only 12 videos at a time.

During the filming process, as long as you can crank out 6 videos during your filming sessions, which should be relatively easy if you stay focused and get more efficient, then you can create up to 3 months of content in just 2 days.

If your videos are the recommended ~10 mins in length, that’s only technically 120 minutes of final cut video.

However, because you’ll be filming in real-time and you’re relatively new to video production, I’d allot at least 3x that amount — or approximately 3-5 hours per batch filming session — in order to capture the footage you need to stay on schedule.