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How To Set Up Collabs

Grow Your Channel Quicker with Collabs

Collaborations with other influencers is one of the quickest ways to grow in the beginning.

When you reach out to other YouTubers or bloggers to set up collabs, make sure that you follow these 3 basic guidelines so you can increase your chance of creating a long term relationship with them and continue to gain more views and subscribers on both sides.

1. Be authentic and precise in your communications.

No one likes someone who is just trying to “get views” or “get subscribers.” It’s actually quite annoying and will turn people off quickly.

Instead, take some time to actually get to know the creators behind the channel and ask how you can help support them.

Also, be precise. Do not ramble on. Get to the point! People are busy, and they don’t want to spend 10 minutes reading your message. Keep it short, sweet and to the point.

2. Reach out to channels around the same size as yours, or slightly bigger.

If you’re only at 5k but you’re approaching channels that are 100k+ just know that they have no reason to work with you, and likely won’t.

Look for channels that are a similar size to yours.

3. Do channel collaborations across verticals.

If you’re a fitness YouTuber, you may think it’s a good idea to collab with another fitness YouTuber… and sometimes it is. But a much more effective strategy is to set up collabs across verticals.

If someone is already subscribed to another fitness channel, they have less incentive to find a new one. But if someone is subscribed to a beauty channel, and then all of a sudden they see your collab and realize, “Hey, I don’t follow many fitness YouTubers,” they’re more likely to flood in and stick around.

4. Host group contests/giveaways and have everyone share.

This is a great strategy to have people spread the word about your content, but also to help the other people you’re collaborating with. It’s easier to set up collabs with 2-3 people at a time where you can all do a giveaway promo than it is to just beg someone to work with you.

Create a giveaway announcement that you can all share with your audiences, and encourage your followers to share it and subscribe to officially enter.