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Content Creation – Planning Your Strategy

What Is Hub, Help and Hero content and how often should you post? Learn more about the 3 types of content every great channel revolves around (and how often to post each one, which one to start with, etc.) so you can reverse engineer your long term success.

Hub Content

Weekly content; these are the “regular programming” of your channel, as if you had a TV show. This is what you and your channel are “known for.”

This content should revolve around your 3 Channel Pillars from the Pyramid Technique exercise, and provide consistent weekly value for your viewers.

Help Content

Start with this content first and make as much of it as possible! This is your tutorial content and/or your “How To” content and the more you have of it, the better.

This content is always educational or helps solve the viewers problems and/or challenges. It is VERY valuable because it is the best type of content for ranking in searches and discoverability.

Hero Content

Much more rare content; typically only 1-4 times per year. These are either videos at tentpole events, your Mission & Purpose videos, or any videos that have the “shock and awe” factor which help inspire and/or trigger an emotional reaction in your viewers.

Set aside larger budgets for these videos and make sure they are spectacular!