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Lead Generation | How To Convert Viewers Into Buyers

Using YouTube to Generate Free Evergreen Leads for Your Business

4 ways to get viewers over to your website or mailing list.

YouTube Info Cards

You can utilize the Cards feature on the YouTube platform to refer people to any associated websites that have been pre-approved by YouTube. This process takes a while to set up, but once it’s done, it’s the most efficient way to refer people off-platform over to your site.

Video Descriptions

Another place you can easily refer people to off-site is your video description. Remember to save the first 2-3 lines for your keyword-heavy description, but below that you can link to whatever site you want.

This process does NOT require approval, so use it with every video! I also recommend using trackable links ( is my favorite) and as always, you should have your default upload settings linked up so that you’re sharing where else your viewers can find you in every video.

Channel Cover Art Links 

A less common place to link people off-site is in your Cover Art Links. Use this space to share the other platforms and places that people can find you, and double check that you have your main URL linked up.

This main site can be your blog, business website, or a squeeze page to an opt-in offer. If you’re not tech savvy, you can use services like to build quick template pages without you having to know how to code or design websites.

CTA or Opt-In During the Video

Last but not least, you can verbally call out whatever opt-in or site you want to refer people to in the actual video content itself. You can also add in your own text or graphic overlay during postproduction if you don’t want to verbally call it out (i.e. a quick line of text, a graphic of a free guide, etc.).

I recommend doing this at the beginning and the end of the video.

The wording that’s been proven to work best is something along the lines of, “If you like this content, you’re really going to like _________. Head over to to get it.”

This has proven to be a great strategy for getting email list signups! Try it out and remember, the end goal is always to get people back to your mailing list.