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How To Set Up Your Lighting

How To Set Up Your Lighting for the Highest Quality Image

Lighting setup is pretty basic, and should be fast and easy! Here are a few basic tips for setting up your lights so that they create a high quality image.

1. Place your ring light (or use daylight) around your camera, positioning it just a few feet from your face and directly in front of you so as not to cast face shadows.

2. Place a box light on either side of the camera, pointing directly at the subject.

3. If there is a wall behind you that your body is casting shadows onto, place one last box light directly behind you on the floor – splashing light up onto the wall, but out of the frame – OR directly behind you (from above) using an adjustable tripod – splashing light down the wall but out of the frame.

By just following these 3 simple steps, you can create incredibly well lit surroundings that look professional and clean!