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Using B-Roll and Two Camera Angles

Why and How To Capture and Use These Quick “Edit Hacks”


B-Roll is “insert” footage that adds visual interest to the shot. It can also be royalty-free stock footage from sites like so that you don’t always have to be the one collecting the footage.
A good example of B-Roll footage comes between 0:16 – 0:25 in this video. B-Roll makes your content especially high quality, and lots of brands LOVE when you’re able to incorporate this technique into your videos.

Two Camera Angles

If you have the luxury of owning multiple cameras, it can be VERY helpful to capture double angles when filming. The reason for this is because if you mess up on your main shot, you can clip to the complimentary shot instead of having to do a retake.
I suggest setting one camera up head-on to the subject, and one offset at about a 45 degree angle with a complimentary shot.
For example, if I were filming a fitness video head on, but I messed up on explaining one of the moves, I could cut in to a closeup from a second camera and drop the sound down to zero so no one would ever know I messed up.
I’ve saved myself MANY hours of editing by using this tactic in the past, plus it provides a really professional looking final video that provides visual interest with multiple perspectives.