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Social Media Marketing

How To Amplify Your Content Using a Strategic Social Media Strategy

Use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to help amplify your content and get more views and engagement.

Choose 1-2 channels to focus on at a time. Trying to be everywhere all the time is not a good strategy. You’ll spread yourself too thin.

Figure out where your audience is hanging out the most. 

  • If your target audience is women, I highly recommend using Pinterest.
  • If your target audience is teenagers, I highly recommend using Snapchat.
  • If your target audience is computer nerds (I say that because I am one), I highly recommend using Reddit forums.
  • If your target audience is senior citizens, I recommend NOT using the internet. Use the newspaper instead.
See how this works?
Each audience hangs out on a different platform, so find out where your ideal customer is and go there.


If you want to go deeper with Pinterest and learn how to grow your mailing list and site visitors on autopilot, I highly endorse the Pinfinity program by Natalie Jill.
It will help you learn to use this untapped platform to grow your brand and business online.