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What Is Circular Viralocity?

How To Save Time In Content Production

This term was originally coined by Brendan Burchard. Watch the video above to hear him describe what it is.

Circular viralocity is the practice of making one piece of content, but then repurposing it across multiple platforms over the following weeks to come.

Utilize this content strategy to save time and energy for yourself long term.

If you film a YouTube video, you can strip the audio and use it for a podcast or “free download” opt in. You could also hire someone to transcribe the audio in the video for use on your website or blog.

A few weeks later, you may also share a printable image of the step-by-step process you’re talking about in the video on a platform like Pinterest, referring it back to the original video.

Then you may want to share an image about the video to Instagram, talking about the benefit of whatever you’re teaching someone.

Remember – people are looking for Entertainment and/or Education – so give them what they want, but remember to recirculate the content that’s landing.

Use the concept of circular viralocity to save yourself time in content sharing and creation.