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How To Make $1M In 1 Year

Making Your First Million In Revenue Is Not As Hard As You’d Think…

It’s important to grow your platform online using video, but if you have nowhere to send your people after they find you, then you’re missing out on some serious revenue opportunities.

I’ve outlined a few ways you can make $1M in 1 year below, and no, it isn’t as hard as you’d think… Use a guideline for your programs and services, and don’t forget to shoot for the moon!

Set your revenue goals first, then reverse engineer them to make them reality.

Make $1M Just Using Membership Sites

  • 10,000 people x $100/year
  • 2,000 people x $500/year
  • 1,000 people x $1000/year
  • 200 people x $5000/year

Make $1M With a ‘Mix + Match’ Business Model

  • 500 people x $49.99/mo = $300k/year
  • 35 people/month x $999 course = $420k/year
  • 2 events x 200 people x $399 tickets = $160k/year
  • 5 premium coaching clients/month x $2000 = $120k/year


If you’re wanting to build up your revenue slowly over time, you can also make great money right away by offering just a few people low-cost programs.

Below is a few ways you can earn an extra $20k/year, just by creating a good program or service that helps your audience solve a challenge they’re facing.

Low Cost / Low Investment Model

  • 4 clients x $400/month = $20.8k/year
  • $99 course x 202 sales = $20k/year