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Digital Storage & Organization

How To Get + Keep Your Sh*t Together

This short video provides a quick breakdown of your digital storage and management options. I recommend investing in the following storage devices and always making a backup of your video content.

TIME SAVING TIP: If you save your video files to the external HD during editing, your computer will operate a LOT faster.

Don’t ever edit a file that’s stored directly on your computer. Keep your video and audio files stored on the external HD and save your edits there.


When you are uploading your content, keep in mind that you will be batch filming so will have many mismatched video and audio files.
If you’re using an external microphone to record audio, the MOMENT you upload your files you should rename them to match one another so they’re easier to find in editing.
For example, if I am filming a video called “Liz’s Welcome”…
Let’s say I have a video file that’s called upon importing, and the corresponding external audio is called ZOOM0001.mp3 …

I will rename them immediately to:

Video: Liz’s
Audio: Liz’s Welcome.mp3

This way when I outsource this to an editor, or when I come back to edit the files myself, I don’t need to waste time finding the matching files.

And because I’m batch filming, this process really should not take more than about 20-30 minutes MAX.

I also recommend storing your content in organized folders on your external HD, and always making a backup copy on a second external HD just in case.

TIME SAVING TIP: When uploading your content, to have a quick “preview” of the file (i.e. to see what the nameless file is without having to open the full file and slow down your computer’s processing speed), you can tap the space bar on most computers and it’ll open a quick preview where you can see what the content is.


64 GB SD cards
Get at least 2 of these, or you can also opt for 32 GB cards (less storage)

External HDs
Get 2 of these, you’ll need them long term, for storage backups and for editing!


AA Batteries
If you have a mic that uses AA batteries, get at least 1 of these. You’ll go through them quickly.