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Plot Your Playlists and Series Before You Film

Organizing your content into Playlists can help you get more views and increase watch time.

Playlists help to keep your videos organized, can help to increase watch time (if your viewers start watching one of your playlists, they tend to stick around a LOT longer), and can help spur ideas for the production of new, valuable series.

Creating content as part of an ongoing or time-bound series, or as a “Part 1,” “Part 2,” “Part 3” strategy, helps condition your audience to come back for more useful information and/or watch more of your videos versus clicking away to another channel.

Two of my most successful videos (including the one that pays my rent monthly) was a “How To Do the Splits” tutorial series.

Instead of making this content into one long video demonstrating how to do the splits in multiple directions, I broke this content up into 2 parts:

How To Do the Splits FAST – In 3 Easy Steps!
How To Do the Middle Splits – In 3 Easy Steps!

These 2 videos refer to each other at the beginning of each video. They also link to one another, so I’m circulating traffic back and forth to them.

Though they have the exact same intro, the complimentary content that enters midway through provides different value to different people.

It also gave me a “shortcut” in posting — a video that I filmed in one day ended up covering two weeks of content on my channel.

It’s time to get smart about your series and playlists! Get yourself organized, and let’s brainstorm some series ideas and playlist organization methods.