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Writing Video Scripts That Convert

How To Outline Your Videos for Maximum Impact & Engagement


Your basic video outline, or standard script, should remain consistent. A great video script always includes these 4 basic things.

1. Short Intro – Include a Content Summary + CTA

This is a short hello, plus a content summary and Call-To-Action (like, comment, subscribe). You will also include your optional channel slogan here.

This intro tells the viewer who you are and what’s coming up in the video in under 10 seconds. Be brief, be bright and be gone!

2. Title Screen

This will be added in during post-production, but keep in mind you’ll have this short 3-5 second clip of your channel logo on a plain background before diving into the bulk of your video.

This helps to break up your content filming, so always think of producing your videos in this format (i.e. quick intro, cut, content, cut).

It should flash in and out quickly on the screen and I’d recommend using a video transition to add visual interest. I personally use a “Dip To White” effect when the title screen comes in and out of my content.

3. The Actual Content (see below for scripting ideas)

Get right into the content! Remember, people on YouTube want info and answers quickly. I recommend using a basic format like the ones outlined in further detail below so that you can keep your content concise and straight to the point.

TIP: When you’re scripting your videos, the content should be in a bulleted nature.

You do not need to write out a novel for everything you’re going to say or demonstrate. Keep it short and sweet, and jot down your main points in bullets before you film.

I recommend using a post-it note, a white board OR a teleprompter like this one to jot these bullets down and help ensure you don’t miss anything important when delivering your content.

4. End Screen – 10 seconds

These will be added in post-production, but it’s important to understand that at the end of your videos you NEED to include a CTA to like, comment and subscribe before you get to the end screen.

I also recommend ending your content with a “See you next week!” so that the viewer knows you’ll have more content coming.


Top 3 Tips for….
5 Ways to…
How To Get X in Y Time…
The BEST 10 _______….
How To Make XYZ in 3 Simple Steps…
The Best Step-by-Step Guide to…
NOTE: Using numbered lists is a really effective way to deliver content.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, using professional magazine covers can be a good way to brainstorm and get ideas for content.

Check out the covers at the bottom of this page to see what I mean. The point is, you DO NOT need to reinvent the wheel.

Magazines typically have teams writing copy for their covers, so try repurposing these sample headlines to give yourself a good base for your own content and script strategy.


  • Choose 1 video to film this week from your 6-month content calendar.
  • Create one 1280 x 720 Title Card with JUST your logo using
  • Create one standard 1280 x 720 End Card for all of your videos. This should include:
    • Your social media handles
    • Your logo
    • An optional Subscribe CTA
    • Space for at least 2 other videos to be overlayed onto the screen
  • You will also come up with your channel slogan this week