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Lighting Equipment Basics

What Lighting To Get Based On Your Budget and Setup


Check out the recommended lighting equipment below, based on your budget.

There are 2 main types of lighting I recommend for your set if you’re not able to use daylight to your advantage: Ring Lights + Box Lights.


If you’re using natural light, make sure that the light faces you head on so as not to cast shadows.


Ring lights are great for creating an even skin tone no matter what time of day. They’re designed to go around the outside of your camera, and I highly recommend getting one of these first!


If you know you’ll be filming indoors a lot and you’re looking to brighten up the scene even more than with the ring light and natural light options, invest in a good set of soft box lights.
During setup, aim to place 2 box lights at about a 45 degree angle on either side of the camera, pointing at the subject… AND an additional 3rd box light BEHIND the subject to prevent casting huge shadows on the wall.
If you’re unable to put the box light behind the subject in a place where it’s out of the shot (as pictured below), then you can put it above using a boom stand or off to the side behind the subject.



Natural daylight – Find a window and position yourself in front of it.

Clip-On Ring Light for iPhone

UNDER $100

Diva Ring Light Kit – Best for face

Soft Box Light Kit – Best for background

UNDER $300

Dimmable Diva Ring Light – Best for face

Soft Box Light Kit – Best for background