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Video Production Basics

A Quick Intro to Film – What To Expect in Video Production

This week’s lessons teach you the fundamentals of video production and what to expect as a content creator!

Whether you have a film team or not, production processes should always be efficient and streamlined. And don’t worry, you’ll get much faster and more efficient as you go…

TOP 3 TIPS for Producing Your First Video, With Or Without a Videographer

1. Come prepared

Now that you have your content calendar and you know what videos to start with, next you’ll write out your basic video scripts so you can give yourself bullet points to follow on camera.

Without a script or bullet points, you run the risk of fumbling around or rambling about things people don’t care about. Remember — viewers on YouTube want answers and good content, QUICK!

Organize your key points, get right to it, and stay focused. “Keep the main thing the main thing,” as they say.

2. Practice, practice, practice

Your first few strategic videos are likely going to feel awkward. That’s PERFECT! Feeling awkward at first is a rite of passage as a content creator.

Running a YouTube channel is a long term investment and lifestyle into ‘the biz + brand of YOU,’ and it’s one of the most unique and effective ways to position yourself as the leader in your industry.

The more you practice producing cool, engaging & original content, the better you’ll get, AND the more it will help you with your “IRL” public speaking, organization, charisma, confidence and time management skills.

“IRL” = In Real Life
#youtubelingo 😉 Learn it!

3. Batch up everything

From planning to filming to uploading — BATCH IT ALL. Think of your production process like an assembly line.

Don’t start filming until ALL of your planning is done. Don’t start doing the uploading until ALL of your content is filmed.

If you can master your basic batching skills, you will save yourself a LOT of headaches and time. It’s a much more efficient way to get the job done, so master this craft and you’ll be cranking content like the pros in no time.

This week’s module will help you master these foundational production skills so you can stay on top of your projected content calendar and systemize everything.