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How To Use Pinterest for Growth

Why Pinterest Is The Best Match for YouTube (Especially for Women)

Pinterest is another search engine.

This means once you create and upload content, it stays there forever and people can search for your content no matter when you posted it.

Guess what? Pinterest was and always has been our #1 source of free evergreen traffic.

A few posts from our site or YouTube went totally viral and have been providing a free stream of site traffic for years. 


The power of Pinterest is incredible, and learning to harness this platform can do wonders for your business and online presence. You can learn to grow your communities organically and on complete autopilot if you can learn to master Pinterest.
I highly recommend Natalie Jill’s Pinfinity course if you’re looking to take your Pinterest skills to the next level.
She’s offered to give students in this course the Snap Academy for free as a bonus, but I’m not sure how long that will be around so hop on board quick if that’s on your radar!