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How To Write Epic SEO-Based Titles

Basic Outlines for Writing Searchable Titles on YouTube

When writing your titles, the goal is to integrate your target long-tail keywords (1-2 max) in a way that will not only explain what the video is about, but also get you clicks.

Short and sweet is the key here! Be descriptive and honest about the content of your video, and use as few words as possible.

You only have 70 characters to get the point across.

YouTube technically allows 100 characters in a title, but anything after 70 will be truncated in the search.

Additional strategies include using emojis, glyphs or strategic caps to help your content stand out from the crowd like the fire emoji pictured below:

I like to find glyphs and emojis, and I sometimes use this strategy while writing email subject lines too…

Just don’t overdo it on this! If you put everything in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME it comes off as annoying and unprofessional.

Remember to keep it strategic and professional, especially if your intention is to work with brands at some point.

As you can see in our most popular videos below, we also like to use dividers to separate keyword phrases. Questions and “How To ________” usually work well, because that’s what people are searching for frequently.

This is a great strategy for including multiple related long-tail keywords in your titles.