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How To Add Text To Your Videos

Add Text Over Your Videos

This video demonstrates how to add text over the top of your video content. Doing so can be a fun and helpful way to add value and quality to your content.

Text overlays can be really useful for:

  • Writing out URLs you want your audience to visit,
  • Adding in “step-by-step” written instructions for your tutorial videos,
  • Adding text to explain something in the video,
  • Additional CTAs, or
  • Just to add fun text elements!

Don’t spend too much time adding crazy features to your videos because you can waste a LOT of precious time making your text overlays “just right.”

Remember – Done is better than perfect!

Your focus should be on creating weekly content that provides value for your ideal viewer, so when you’re just starting out, I’d definitely spend more of your time on locating keywords and content planning/filming than on adding fancy flares like this.